He is embracing technology in the evolving ag industry.

Trevor Knudson grew up on the family farm near Dahlen, ND. With his experience and background in farming, he has noticed the changing trends in the agriculture industry. His interest in learning the technology-side of the industry lead him to enroll in the Precision Agriculture program starting Fall 2017. After earning his degree, he plans to go back to his roots in Dahlen, ND, as an expert in precision agriculture.

My focus is to specialize in tractors and the mechanics.

“I grew up on a family farm just outside of Dahlen, North Dakota, and I plan on majoring in precision agriculture starting this fall at Northland. I am very interested in this area of study because of being from a family farm. Everything is changing so fast technology-wise and I just want to try and better myself for the future and what comes with it. I looked at a couple of other colleges, but this program was much more focused on the side of agriculture that I want to go into.”

“My focus is to specialize in tractors and the mechanics. I would like to stay around my hometown after I graduate. Apply my new knowledge to the area. I will be taking a full course load during the two-year program and will get a part-time job. I plan on living on campus in the NCTC housing. I’m looking forward to the convenience of having a place close by to live and staying more connected to the college. I am excited to get started with class this fall and see what college is like!”

Fall 2017 Precision Agriculture Student
Dahlen, ND

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