Alum who’s working to support the next class.

Tiffany started her story at Northland in 2009 after graduating high school from Fordville-Lankin, ND. As a student athlete (basketball) in the administrative assistant program, she quickly saw many of the issues that faced her fellow students. She became a work-study in the student services area and was able to start helping these students work through many of the problems they encountered. Her dedication to student success transformed into a career at Northland after graduation. She transitioned from student to employee as a Student Services Specialist and it was a natural fit. She was able to help students through their journey in a way only a former Northland student can. Her dedication to students allowed her to transition into her current role within financial aid where she guides students to make solid financial decisions when paying for college. Her knowledge of Northland as a former student and her dedication as an employee allow her to relate to student issues in an effective way that few can.

“As a senior in high school I knew that I wanted to attend college but I was unsure where I wanted to go or what I wanted to go to college for. I took a tour of Northland and met with an advisor and that really helped me with my decision after seeing it in person and having my questions answered while I was there. After meeting with the advisor I decided I wanted to go to college for administrative work and Northland had the perfect program for that, Administrative Assistant. I ultimately chose Northland because it was close to home, affordable, and Northland had the program I wanted so it was a natural fit for me.”

“I was a student-athlete at NCTC, and so I had the opportunity to learn both how to balance my academics with the demands of athletics, and be a representative for NCTC. Wearing the jersey as a women’s basketball athlete made me really understand how our student-athletes are ambassadors for our college and for our student body. When my team was fortunate enough to make the national playoffs, being able to show my pride in NCTC on that level was amazing and an experience I will never forget. The friends I made during this time I still hold close and will have for a lifetime; the athletic experience is one that any student so inclined should pursue. It’s fantastic and I still am grateful for being able to be a part of the athletic traditions of NCTC.”

“As a student at Northland I was also a work-study student at the front desk at the East Grand Forks campus and found that I really enjoyed the work I was doing. After graduating from Northland I applied for and was offered the Student Services Specialist position. It was a great starting position and set me up for a successful transition when the financial aid advisor position opened up. Knowing I wanted to stay at Northland, I applied for the financial aid advisor position and was offered the job. I am happy I was offered and accepted the position as I enjoy the work I do and enjoy helping students!”

“Every day is different. We cannot plan our day out and expect it to go as planned. It is always interesting and makes the day go by quickly, you just need to be flexible. We usually spend our day discussing options and advising students and parents of detailed and specific information concerning financial aid programs, policies and procedures, guidelines, and eligibility requirements to help them better understand which options may be best for them. Essentially, we break down barriers for students and help make college a financial reality for them. Each student comes to us with different financial issues and concerns, and we work to help them find as many resources as possible to help make college affordable.”

“Northland is an excellent value for your college education, and we offer a wide variety of programs. It gives you the option to get your two-year degree and go right out into the workforce or you can transfer to a university to get your four-year degree. Class sizes are smaller so you get to know your classmates and instructors. With the smaller class size, instructors are more accessible to you and that was really helpful. Our technical programs are closely aligned with the latest in industry standards, so students will be able to enter their professional careers promptly after graduation. The best way to learn about NCTC is to take a tour. We can arrange tours based around the student/parent schedules, and help you learn all about the programs and services we offer. It really is the best way to understand how NCTC can help you realize your goals and aspirations.”

“Being able to help students understand financial aid and watch students succeed is a hugely satisfying part of my job. I often work with students who’ve never had any experience with college before, or who come from cultural traditions that shy away from any kind of loan debt. Helping guide students from all walks of life through the financial aid world and translating it into terms they can understand is one of the best parts of my job.”

Financial Aid Advisor
Fordville, ND