Her journey led her halfway around the globe, and NCTC is just the beginning.

Ruka’s journey to Northland Community & Technical College stems from the desire for education and to be the best one can be. Originally from Cameroon, Ruka and her husband, found their path to higher education and the Greater Grand Forks area from Internet research halfway across the globe. This is the story of how’s Ruka’s passion, energy, and motivation to make the most of her educational journey is transforming lives all around her.

“I grew up in Cameroon and moved here in my mid 20’s with my husband. It was a huge sacrifice because he had to leave his job, he had been a teacher for seven years. I was eight months pregnant when I came (to Grand Forks). We had to secure everything. We weren’t working and had very little coming in, but we got help from Project Generosity and it made a huge difference. They made it easier during our transition.”

I’ve just learned so much, I can confidently apply to a job because of NCTC. It’s all worth it being here.

“My husband and I are both international students. We both had degrees from Cameroon. Mine was in business. I tried to translate my degree and there was so much to do that I wasn’t able to do because it was from Cameroon. My husband told me to consider just starting over and he suggested Northland. At Northland, the tuition is the same for everybody, it’s very affordable. As an international student, that wasn’t the case at other colleges in the area.”

“My accounting instructor (John Chappell) helped me get a volunteer position with AARP as a tax aid last semester. It was awesome. When I worked with them, I saw all sorts of people, and I helped over 50 people last year. I intend to do it again this year to help others. That position really helped me understand what I was learning, because I could really do what we were learning. I’ve just learned so much, I can confidently apply to a job because of NCTC. It’s all worth it being here.”

“The volunteer position helped me get a scholarship through PTK. It was a $1000 scholarship called “Leaders of Promise”, I had just joined PTK but I got the scholarship and I think the volunteering with the elderly played a big part in it. I also got a scholarship my first semester through the NCTC Foundation and the Golf Tournament. It was amazing to get that support. International students can’t work except for on-campus so scholarships are just amazing!”

“Honestly, graduating (from NCTC) is the first part of my journey. I intend to get a four-year degree and get my CPA. I have a long ways to go, but NCTC has been amazing. I’m glad I started over! I’ve just learned so much here. The way you are taught, it’s practical. You are learning to do things that get you a job. I’m excited but I will miss it. It’s just awesome here. I’ve met great people and I will miss it when I move on.”

Accounting Student

Ruka’s journey for education to push forward to better herself and those around her is the journey of a pioneer. What kind of pioneer will you be?

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